Register Your Company Once & Get Hassle Free Entry @ IIFJAS Permanently.

Enroll all your employees under your company name for Visitors Pass.

1 : Register Company

Register your company by filling up all the details as required on Registration form.

2 - Enroll Employees

You have to enroll all your employees under same company name for Visitor Badges

3 - Make Payment

Make payment for employees who are attending IIFJAS to generate Visitor Badges


  • After PERMANENT REGISTRATION, you will never have to register again and you will get an express-entry in the IIFJAS-Mumbai show!

  • To enter IIFJAS-Mumbai in the future, you will simply need to provide your Mobile number and Email addresssubmitted during this registration and get your entry badges within minutes from the designated counters.

  • Make sure you upload/submit your Photo and Photo ID proof during the registration, to get a hassle-free express entry.

  • Photo ID proof will be compulsorily required at the show, if your photo is not uploaded during the Permanent Registration.

  • Upload correct and full details of yourself, your partners / employees, along with their photos, to avoid inconvenience and delay during the show.

  • If there are any changes in future in your address, mobile number, or any other details, please login on our website under Visitor Registration section and update the same.

  • If you find any complications in the registration process, please contact us on (91) 22- 65135232 or email on